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Isabella ROberto

Isabella Roberto originally from Italy, is a film producer. After a busy career in Italy :(her short film “Mai” was selected in 50 film festivals and “Whitout” was nominated for the Italian “Nastro D'argento”), she co-founded Purple Road Pictures and moved to the U.S. where she has produced several award winning short films, working also with Melissa Leo and Leila Bekhti in “The View From Up Here”. Most recently Isabella has line produced the feature film "Fourever" starring Bryan Greenberg and Emmy Award Winner Tammy Blanchard. Her passion lies in creating stories that uncover the heart of the underdogs.

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Giulio Poidomani

Born in Sicily, Italy, Giulio’s passion for filmmaking began at 13 when he got his first camera. Giulio is an award winning director and screenwriter who's accolades include the italian Matador Award for the feature screenplay "Crisci Ranni" and "Best Short Film" at the AFME for "Never" which has also been officially selected in over 50 film festivals. After a great career making films in Italy with likes of italian director Roberto Faenza and Oscar winning producer Elda Ferri, Giulio co-founded Purple Road Pictures and took his passion to the U.S. where he has worked on many films. Poidomani's keen eye for details is always searching to tell a story in the most unique way possible.


Claudia La Ferla

Claudia La Ferla is an Italian screenwriter and producer. Gained her Master Degree in Screenwriting for Film and Television, she rapidly started her career working on TV shows and web series. Always enchanted by the power of words, she keeps writing essays, critics, and film reviews on blogs and newspapers.