POTS & LIDS - short film - 2013

Directed by Giulio Poidomani with Eric Gorlow, Marian Zapico, Romina Caruana, Ron Gilbert, Mariana Goulart, and Kako Nollasco

Nick, a weird guy, loses his dog and looks for him in the neighborhood. He lives in a surreal world where every man holds a lid and every woman holds a pot. When a lid fits perfectly in a pot, it means they are a perfect match, twin souls. During his journey Nick will meet a bunch of different characters (freaks) that will lead him to the love of his life: Kate.


official selection


I 400 Corti Film Festival, Palestrina (RM) 2014

BIFF- Bibbiena Film Festival, Bibbiena(AR) - 2014
Versi di Luce, Modica(RG) - 2014
Mizzica Film Festival, Casaltermini (AG) - 2014
Corto di Sera, Messina- 2014
Katra Film Series-August Edition, New York- 2014
Rome International Film Festival, Georgia, USA -2014
I-Art- Sicily Est Festival, Catania, 2015
Roma Tre Film Festival, Roma, 2015
Festival del Cinema Veramente Indipendente, Roma, 2015
MoviePlanet Film Festival, 2015
Toko Film Festival, Sala Consilina, 2015
GioiosaInCorto, Gioiosa Marea (ME), 2015
Quaglietta Film Festival, 2015
Premio Cinematografico Palena, 2015

NociCortinFestival, Noci (BA) - 2013